Why You Should Care

A prisoner’s contact with the outside world is a positive factor, especially if that contact is with someone willing to encourage the prisoner to assess their past life and bring about the change necessary for him or her to lead a productive existence when released. Why should you care? While some of the prison pen pals are serving life sentences, or have been sentenced to death, most will someday have their freedom. Those prisoners may end up being your neighbor or fellow employee.

How We Help

We will send print information and an order form for PrisonerPal.com free of charge to any prisoner. Email us their name, prisoner ID and address.

  • Basic: $9.95/year //
  • Bronze: $19.95/year //
  • Silver: $39.95/year //
  • Gold: $79.95/year

Pay by: Money Order or Check

Orders must be paid by check or money order. (Stamps No Longer Accepted as Payment)

Send orders to: TIC Interests, PO Box 19689, Houston, Texas 77224

Feel free to contact us with new ideas, suggestions or complaints.

Contact: Advertising@PrisonerPal.com