Stephens, Darrell

prisoner photo
  • Prisoner ID: 685-043
  • Address: Darrell Stephens #685-043, P. O. Box 209
  • City: Orient
  • State: OH
  • Zipcode: 43146
  • Convicted Of: Failure to Report Address - Parole Violation
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Religion: I Praise God
  • Birth Date: April 13, 1970
  • Seeking: Women, Friendship, Legal
  • Release Date: June 1, 2016

Country Boy at the end of a long and dreadful road.  In search of a new start, a new life, in family and love…a forever partner

     As a young man I fell victim to some wrong choices, victim to the American Plea Bargaining System and our very deliberate judicial process…and for several years I have fought to place my unfortunate situation of incarceration behind me.  My unfortunate situation, that I speak of, has placed me in and out of Ohio’s penal system, often returning for parole violations that do not even constitute a misdemeanor charge.  My story is one out of a James Patterson novel and most can’t accept the facts as truth; but as I have grown older and wiser, I find that it is my experience and conviction of self that has made me whom I am today.  Although I would be crazy not to change it all, I’m not sure I would…I’m not sure you would want me to?

     My friends call me JD.  I have many interests, i.e., guitar, drums, reading, “big on outdoors”, motorcycles, computer and much, much more.  I hold an MBA in Social Economics and have a certificate in paralegal studies, with emphasis in contract law and civil procedure.