Saunders, Charles

prisoner photo
  • Prisoner ID: 93A9245
  • Address: Southport Correctional Facility, P. O. Box 2000
  • City: Pine City
  • State: NY
  • Zipcode: 14871
  • Convicted Of: Two Attempted Murders and 3 Robberies
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: African American
  • Religion: Rasta
  • Birth Date: October 25, 1973
  • Seeking: Friendship
  • Release Date: July 14, 2034

Hey Ladies.

The wait is over.  I have a great ear and I give great advice.  We can talk about anything under the sun.  It don’t matter, real life events or fantasies.  Me u see I’m in prison so yeah it’s lonely at times around a bunch of strangers.  But with y’all I just want 2 B friends; that’s all b/c I’m tired of she telling me she loves me today and next week she’s gone and 4got about me and what we shared just like that.  So I’ll rather B friends for the start with no strings attached.  Friends last longer than most relationships.  Look at ur longest relationship (n) ur longest friendship; which one is still valid??

Well, take care and hope 2 hear from some new friends soon.  Have a nice night.

Sincerely, write me:
Charles Saunders 93A9245
Southport Correctional Facility
P. O. Box 2000
Pine City, NY 14871